Therapeutic Massage at Yakima Chiropractic

Rogelio Herrera, LMP

Chiropractic Yakima WA Rogelio Herrera Massage Therapist

Treating patients since 2004, Roger has over 10 years of experience with massage.

With a unique background assisting in exercise rehab, Roger has extensive knowledge of both dealing with injuries (such a sports injury or auto accident) and daily aliments (i.e. conditions related to daily work at a computer).

By using a combination of techniques including trigger point, deep tissue massage, instrument massaging and hydroculator, patients receive individualized and effective treatments.

Bilingual in both English and Spanish, Roger is able to efficiently treat a diverse group of patients. He brings a personalized and professional experience to every massage.

Monica Sun Rice, LMP

Chiropractic Yakima WA Monica Sun-Rice Massage Therapist

With over six years of training in China in as a Medical Clinician, Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, Monica’s background is like none other in Yakima County. With her vast knowledge of the human body, she is able to find specific points of tension and pain in her patients, and create personalized treatment.

Her techniques include; Chinese Aijiu Therapy, Tui-na, acupressure massage, cupping, Guasha, lymph draining massage, Swedish massage, integrated massage technique, cranial sacral therapy, geriatric massage, and pre-natal massage.

Monica’s superior skills combined with her professionalism and caring for her patients make her massages both therapeutic and a rejuvenating.

Come find out why her patients say she is the best therapist they have ever tried!



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Therapeutic Massage at Yakima Chiropractic
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